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Benefits of Using a toy library

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There are lots of great reasons to try a toy library!

  • Happy Wallets:Try before you buy! Your child can try out a toy to see if he or she likes it before you decide whether to buy it.Cost-prohibitive toys you might not otherwise buy are fully available to your children. Most families will save around $400/year if they borrow toys rather then buy them.

  • Happy Kids: Kids are happiest when their minds are stimulated! You can keep them interested by coming back as often as you like, and replacing old toys with new ones when they are ready to move on. Children are able to explore their own areas of interest, including concepts of literacy, art, movement, math, pretend play, culture, and scientific thinking.

  • Less Clutter: Borrowing toys–rather than buying them–helps you maintain a more orderly home, free of toy clutter. Your child may select and return toys on a regular basis, eliminating stacks of toys to get rid of later. If you don’t have room for larger toys in your home, your child can still enjoy our bigger toys temporarily without you having to worry about where to keep them long-term. 
  • Less Waste: One toy is shared between many different families, instead of each of those families purchasing many copies of that toy, thereby reducing environmental impact.
  • Teaches Values: Children must be taught about honesty, patience, courtesy, promptness, cooperation and responsibility. Taking care of and returning toys on time helps teach them these values.