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Karisa Prestera, mom

I am totally in love with this place! The Idea is brilliant! I live in a small condo, so collecting a bunch of toys that my 1.5 year old is just going to get bored of in 5 weeks or 5 minutes is terrible, and terribly expensive, and cluttersome and not what I ever wanted as a later in life mom who is used to having her place look the way she wants and not like a toy box threw up all over it. So now we can just check out three toys and bring all or 1 at a time back and exchange them as she grows weary or too smart for them.

The toys are great and are all sanitized with green products and designed with kids ages 6 months to 5 years old in mind. Lots of wooden Montessori type toys which I love.

In addition to toys there is a great space where kids can just come and play and big cushy chairs for mom’s, dads or whichever caretaker is with the child to hang out in. One of the reason’s I like this is because since I became a mom my social life has tanked and I get to mingle with other parents and care takers while my kid plays with their kid. Fun for the whole gang.

Liza, the owner, is super laid back allowing you an environment that is truly kid friendly. She provides organic snacks that you can purchase there, but is totally cool with you bringing your own snacks which is nice. Be ware of those Annie’s organic cookies she sells though, after we got some the other day my daughter repeated the word bunny with a wantsome whine for the next hour and a half!! Liza also provides really yummy make it yourself coffee for the adults. She asks for a small donation to the coffee fund if you take some.

Events for parents and kids alike fill up the calendar here, from costume swaps, to sing alongs to how to get your baby to sleep, to mom’s nights out.

For me, having Toybrary in my neighborhood is like a stay at home mom’s dream come true.