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Shelley Delayne, mom

I have been wanting to visit Toybrary since I first heard about it, because a lending library of toys just makes so much sense! Today, we finally made it up there and I absolutely love it!

In addition to having toys to “check out” and take home, they also have a play area — which was really helpful, as we live on the other side of town and letting the munchkin play for a while makes the car trip home happier for everyone.

They also have a class/birthday party space. While we were there, there was actually a birthday party happening and the kids all seemed to be having a great time. I also overheard that they have baby sign language classes and other such things held there.

All in all: it’s a wonderfully friendly space, and a genius idea because seriously: my daughter’s still little and we already have a gajillion toys she doesn’t play with any more. Joining Toybrary and having “temporary toys” makes SO much sense.