Happy Wallets. Happy Kids. Less Clutter. Less Waste.

Toybrary Austin is a toy lending library for children ages 6 months to 5 years old.




Green Ninja is all about empowering children to make healthy food habits and choices. This Tuesday, we’ll be learning about plant based yogurt with a demo & a ‘Parfait Creation Station.’
* Learn fun facts, stories and the super powers of coconuts! * Make a 2 ingredient coconut yogurt recipe!
Play with your food by adding layers of yummy toppings Think CAPOW! Time to eat.
Let the Play Begin!
Cost: $10 per child participating (pay at door). MUST RSVP by 4pm on Monday, Dec 10th. 
RSVP @greenninjacooks www.greenninjacooks.com/events #austinmoms #mommybloggers #healthyliving









Quick Financial Facts

pieiconOverall, parents spend 66 percent more on child rearing than they did 10 years ago.
-Pamela Paul, Parenting, Inc.
moneyjarThe average family in the U.S. spends $740 a year on toys if they have one child, and $1,200 a year on toys if they have two children.
BargainIconAt $40 per month, a year’s membership at Toybrary Austin adds up to $480, saving most families over $300 per year!
If you come once a week, and check out 3 toys each time, you’ve gotten to use 12 toys per month! At about $20/toy, thad adds up to $240/month! But don’t forget, you can check out and return as often as you like! And did we mention playtime? Members get to come play for FREE as often as they like!