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Please read and sign the contract below.


Check-out Privileges

Teacher Members: 5 toys
Members: 3 Toys

Check-out period for all materials is 1 month. Toys may be renewed as often as you like.

Late Fees

Late Toys: $1.00/ day

Late fees begin accruing on the date items are due. Fees will automatically be charged to your credit card and must be paid in full before additional toys may be checked out.

E-mail notices are sent 3 days before an item becomes overdue, and then every day until toys are returned.

All fines are non-refundable

All fines are non-refundable

Lost/Damaged Items

Lost pieces and damaged toy fines are due at check-in. The fines are at the owner’s discretion but are generally no more than a few dollars. Lost items or items damaged beyond repair may be compensated for by replacing them with a new item approved by the owner, or may be paid for at market value.

Lost/Damaged Container Fee: $3.00 each.

All fees are non-refundable and reflect the cost of materials and staff time required for re-cataloging, re-labeling, and re-barcoding items.

Patron Responsibilities

Parents must supervise their children AT ALL TIMES in the store. Toybrary Austin LLC is NOT responsible for injured or lost children.

All items on the shelves have been sanitized. Please do not open a container until it has been checked out and taken home.

It is the patron’s responsibility to ensure that all borrowed items, including missing pieces, are returned on time.

Patrons must notify staff of any changes in contact information.

Toybrary Austin LLC reserves the right to refuse services to any person found in violation of these regulations.

Parents and caregivers are required to clean up after their children before leaving Toybrary Austin. This includes returning smaller pieces (magnets, dolls, little cars, blocks, etc.) to where they belong, cleaning up crumbs and wrappers from snacks, and wiping up spills. We believe that role modeling this behavior is in the best interest of children, and helps maintain a neat, clean atmosphere for everyone. If it is difficult to remember exactly what your child played with, please clean/straighten 3 items before leaving.


12 months–$40 per month
6 months– $45 per month
3 months– $50 per month

Memberships are paid for on a recurring monthly basis through Pivotal Payments. At the end of the membership period, your subscription will automatically renew unless 30 days notice is given. There will be no contract cancellations. No refunds will be given. Memberships will not be cancelled until all toys are returned.

I have read this form in full, understand its contents, and agree to abide by all Toybrary Austin LLC policies.

I authorize Toybrary Austin, LLC, to initiate credit and/or debit card charges to credit/debit card for my monthly membership payments.

This authority will remain in effect until I have cancelled it by email.

By signing below, you are agreeing to abide by this contract completely. You also confirm that you have read it fully and agree to its contents.

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