We Carry Top Toy Brand Names

Our collection is organized into age-appropriate categories to help you locate the right toy for your child. Baby and toddler toys, building blocks, costumes, musical instruments, puppets, cars, trucks, boats, animals, science activities, PE equipment, play food, dolls, tents, math activities, tunnels, bikes, trikes, and SO much more are available for checkout.


Little ones can rattle, stack, push and smile! You'll find activity gyms, baby & toddler toy kits, sorting/stacking toys, and walkers.


Create beautiful music. Drums, maracas, tambourines, and xylophones are all waiting to be played!


Building, building and more building, the sky’s the limit! Examples include Duplos, snap blocks, waffle blocks, and wooden blocks.

Learning Skills

Develop fine motor skills for school readiness and beyond. Try our bead & magnetic mazes, dressing & lacing skills toys, and pegboards.

Pretend Play

Use your imagination to be anyone, go anywhere! Play with doctor kits, food, dishes, costumes, tools, and vehicles.


Put on a show! Use our play house, soft-sculpted puppets, and dolls.


Match the shapes, make a picture and have lots of fun. Kids have their choice of knobbed puzzles, floor puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles.

Active Play

Toys to help develop large muscle coordination as you play. Parachutes, ride-on toys, tunnels, sports equipment, and toss games are so much fun!


Traditional and unusual board games for 2 or more players. Go old school with checkers, Jenga, Marble Run and more.


Play with letters and words to aid in language development. Practice the alphabet, phonics, story sequencing, and vocabulary.


Measure, sort, and explore.
Use our geometric shapes, measuring tapes, money, clocks, and pattern blocks.

Science & Nature

Toys that teach about the world around us. Explore animals, life cycles, physical properties, and the senses.

Our Toy Library Guidelines

Remember: Your children are welcome to “stay and play” a while in the play area when you come to check out toys. Coffee and comfy spaces to sit are available for parents.

The following rules have been established to make borrowing toys from the Toy Library an enjoyable experience for our members:

  • Only Toybrary Austin members may borrow toys.

  • Three toys may be borrowed at any one time.

  • You may exchange toys as often as you like, up to one month.

  • Toys must be completely clean when returned.

  • The fine for overdue toys is $1.00 per toy per calendar day. The maximum amount of time a toy may be checked out is one month.

  • Toys may not be checked out by families with overdue toys. Late fees must be paid before borrowing new toys.

  • Toybrary may suspend or cancel the membership of anyone who repeatedly breaks these rules.

  • No refunds will be given. All members are required to complete their 3, 6, or 12 month contracts.


Your child’s health and safety are important. In an effort to reduce your child’s exposure to germs, and to ensure there are no safety issues resulted from damage and wear, every toy is carefully prepared for borrowing via:

  • Examination for damage
  • Cleaning and disinfection between borrowers with 100% green supplies

We have several options for membership.

Members receive:

3 toys borrowed at a time

Free access to select events

Free stay & play anytime

$50 discount on all birthday party room rental

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