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You could buy these two toys for $50.00


You could get a much bigger bang for your buck and sign up for a Toybrary Austin membership (at $40, $45, or $50 per month), allowing you to check out as many toys per month as you like!

If you come once a week, and check out 3 toys each time, you’ll have borrowed 12 toys per month! But don’t forget, you can come any time we’re open. With the Stay & Play  membership, you’ll also be covered for as much play time in our fun play area as you like (non-members pay $7 per visit).

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Instead of 3 toys at a time, you can check out 5 toys at the same rates!

Field Trips

Looking for a great field trip for your students? Toybrary Austin provides a venue for educational field trips using Toybrary materials, or just a place to come play and enjoy your class. Contact Toybrary Austin for more information.

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